Our Unique DNA

I launched JB Skin Savvi in 2016, but the brand had technically been in the making for 13 years, during which I was working all over the world as a skin therapist, educating aestheticians on the skin benefits of LED light, before opening my own clinic in 2009. Throughout that time, I was able to gain a solid understanding of how—and what—I could contribute to the skincare industry. When I began developing the brand, I stuck to my core values and started with a list of ingredients that I didn’t want, while ensuring JB Skin Savvi could still offer results-driven products.

At the core of the brand is our uncompromising belief in a minimalist approach to skincare. What we put into the world, and onto our face, has to have a clearly defined purpose, and most importantly, cannot cause any harm to the body or to the planet. With that, I proudly present to you: JB Skin Savvi.

— Jennifer Brodeur

Our ingredients undergo minimal processing and retain the highest possible nutrient density and value. We’re constantly making conscious choices to ensure that the ingredients we use are safe and biocompatible (that is: not harmful or reactive when applied to skin).

Gluten free Vegan Cruelty free Non-Toxic Fragrance Free Organic Paraben Free

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